World Antibiotic Awareness Week is a campaign that is held in November and was initiated by WHO.

It now involves initiatives and organisations all over the world that are committed to tackling antibiotic resistance through raising global awareness on proper handling of antibiotics and sharing good practices.

This year, it is held from 18 to 24 November and VALUE-Dx is getting involved!

Community acquired acute respiratory tract infections are the most frequent acute disease for consulting community health care and the most common syndrome for which unnecessary antibiotics are prescribed. As a disease with respiratory symptoms, COVID-19 has the potential to increase the incidence of antimicrobial resistance. On the other hand, the COVID-19 pandemic is revealing the value of diagnostics for infectious diseases. VALUE-Dx is participating in the efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic in collaboration with Rapid European COVID-19 Emergency Research response (RECOVER)

On 11 March 2020, the University of Antwerp has launched RECOVER, in collaboration with 9 international partners. The launch comes in response to the impact of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in Europe. This project was selected for funding by the European Union under the Horizon 2020 research framework and builds on many years of investment by the European Commission in clinical research preparedness for epidemic response. The overall goal of RECOVER is to understand the COVID-19 pandemic through clinical research in order to transform patient care and public health responses.

RECOVER’s Primary Care Studies are leveraging the work done by the VALUE-Dx Work Package (WP) 4, such as the Point Prevalence Audit Survey (PPAS). This research aims to contribute to informing the planning, policy, communication, and clinical management of the COVID-19 pandemic. VALUE-Dx conducted an Extended PPAS in 16 countries to capture information from consultations and care provided to patients presenting in primary care with symptoms of an acute respiratory tract infection during the COVID-19 pandemic. This work is drawing on the first PPAS that was done in January and February 2020, as part of VALUE-Dx WP4 work in 18 European countries.

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  • Antibiotics work against bacteria, not viruses! Use antibiotics prudently to stop the rise of #antibioticresistance in the #COVID-19 pandemic
  • #COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the value of diagnostics – Using #diagnostics can prevent #AMR from spreading so we should invest efforts in developing them
  • The world is running out of antibiotics – Make sure they are needed by using #diagnostics
  • Respiratory tract infections are the most common reason for unnecessary #antibiotic prescription. #Diagnostics can help guide proper handling of #antibiotics
  • Most respiratory tract infections are caused by viruses – #antibiotics are useless in these cases
  • Innovative and cost-effective #diagnostics can #StopSuperbugs – we can stop the rise of #antibioticresistance

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