World Antibiotic Awareness Week is a campaign that is held in November and was initiated by WHO.

It now involves initiatives and organisations all over the world that are committed to tackling antibiotic resistance through raising global awareness on proper handling of antibiotics and sharing good practices.

This year, it is held from 18 to 24 November and VALUE-Dx is getting involved!

The discovery of penicillin in 1928 was heralded as a breakthrough in modern medicine that paved the way to further discovery of other antibiotics – common infections could be treated with ease without complications or leading to fatalities. However, resistance to antibiotics is now a global problem with bacteria continuously evolving to become resistant against antibiotics. Some infections have become harder to cure with current treatments and the discovery of new antibiotics has stalled.

In the EU, approximately 33,000 people die every year due to infections caused by antibiotic resistance. If things do not change, it is estimated that by 2050, approximately 10 million deaths globally will be caused by antibiotic resistance.

Therefore, global efforts are needed to encourage proper handling of antibiotics. This is what World Antibiotic Awareness Week is about!

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  • The world is running out of #antibiotics – Make sure they are needed by using #diagnostics
  • Respiratory tract infections are the most common reason for unnecessary #antibiotic prescription. #Diagnostics can help guide proper handling of #antibiotics
  • Most respiratory tract infections are caused by viruses – #antibiotics are useless in these cases
  • Using #diagnostics can prevent #AMR from spreading so we should invest efforts in developing them
  • Innovative and cost-effective #diagnostics can #StopSuperbugs – we can stop the rise of #antibioticresistance
  • #Diagnostics can help guide healthcare professionals to choosing the right treatment for patients – Help us stop #antibioticresistance

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